IVR (Interactive voice response) is an automatic phone-call answering system - i.e. press 1 for this, press 2 for that.

It redirects your customers to where they want to go - while providing cost savings and efficiencies to your business.

IVR Explained

IVR is a technology that allows customers to interact with a range of services through the use of special predefined voice messages and make their selection via their telephone’s keypad.
IVR is used to service customer’s requests in a quick, reliable and easy manner.
Customers should follow the IVR dialogue after every new input they make on the keypad until the end of the call.

IVR Services

IVR systems are typically used to service high call volumes, reduce costs and improve the customer experience. Our IVR services guarantee operation of ParkByText & TaxiPayment for example, 24/7.
We support IVR call service for hassle free payments over the phone and call-redirection across the UK and Ireland. Confirmation of the payment can be sent to the customer by SMS or e-mail.

Our easy to use IVR services are suitable for everyone and since it is just a simple call, it works on any mobile phone.